50 Summer Activities to Have the Best Summer Ever

We’re serious about summer. It officially began on the 21st, so if you’ve been remiss of your summer bucket list, we’ve got a few suggestions to ensure you’ll have a summer your friends and family will envy. We’re talking a true, authentic summer experience.

Looking for some suggestions? We’ll give you 50.

1. Go see a movie at a drive-in
2. Ride a roller coaster (preferably a wooden one)
3. Play putt putt golf
4. Build an epic sand castle (one that the kids on the beach will covet)
5. Hand pick berries or produce on a farm
6. Buy ice cream from the ice cream man (bring a friend, just in case)
7. Roast marshmallows and make the perfect s’mores (don’t stop until the marshmallow is flawlessly golden brown)
8. Sip a glass of sweet tea out of a mason jar
9. Eat a whole watermelon by yourself with a spoon
10. Go to a farmers’ market
11. Host a barbecue
12. Nap in a hammock
13. Pack a picnic and enjoy it in the park
14. Sit on a porch swing and read a book
15. Stargaze in a field
16. Watch the sun set from a beach
17. Dance in the rain
18. Go fishing
19. Throw a frisbee (or boomerang if you’re feeling Australian)
20. Take a last minute trip
21. See a summer movie with the works (popcorn, pop, candy)
22. Jam out to a summer playlist with the windows of your car rolled down
23. Go to a baseball game
24. Have a water balloon fight
25. Make homemade ice cream
26. Camp out in a tent
27. Sleep in
28. Visit an art museum
29. Attend and outdoor concert
30. Make homemade popsicles (pick your favorite fruit flavor combo and voila!)
31. Take photos
32. Lay down and look at the clouds
33. Splurge—buy something you’ve been wanting to get yourself for a long time
34. Take a bike ride to a nearby small town and explore
35. Go geocaching
36. Swim in a pool filled with glow sticks
37. Write a postcard
38. Make a homemade pizza
39. Visit your grandmother or other relatives
40. Take someone to dinner—try a place you’ve never dared to go
41. Slip ‘n’ slide (add dish soap for an extreme one)
42. Have a movie marathon
43. Go hiking
44. Drink root beer floats
45. Grow vegetables in your garden, harvest and enjoy
46. Have a clothing swap
47. Create a piece of art you’re proud of
48. Fly a kite
49. Take dance lessons
50. Go to the state fair

If you can complete every item on this list (or even ten that pique your interest), you’ll be dripping with summery shenanigans. And you’ll have had an incredible summer—we promise. Now, start crankin’. You’ve got a lot to do!