How to Perfect the Day at the Lake

The Fourth of July may be over, but so much summer remains! And nothing says summer like a weekend getaway at a friend’s lake house—or maybe even better, a day at a real beach. Either way, get ready to have a fantastic day, the sun and the sand awaits.

Here are some tips for ensuring it’s a day to remember.

The Preparation
We’re not your mother, but we’re going to remind you of a few essentials to pack:

    • Swimsuit: One that can sustain tubing and skiing—ladies, pack one with a strap.
      Plastic bag: Bring a bag to put sandy or potentially damp suits in.
      Towel: Hosts and hostesses will appreciate you bringing your own so you don’t add to their laundry pile.
      Sun screen: Again, it’s a little expensive, so it’s appreciated when you bring your own.
      Aloe: It’s inevitable, you will get a little pink if you’re not really careful—pack just in case.
      Sun glasses: Nothing’s worse than having to squint for the day, and eyes can get sunburned too. Pack a pair that will protect against UV rays.
      Drink or snack to share: Although they’ll likely be provided, it’s always a good rule of thumb to contribute something for the day—consider something that can sustain in the heat (nothing that will melt or need to be on ice).
  • The Drive
    A summer road trip isn’t really worth going on unless you have the essentials: windows down, sunglasses on and some good tunes blaring. If your throat isn’t sore by the time you get to the lake, you haven’t been singing loudly enough. Pick your playlist, charge your iPod, and be sure you know your route beforehand to avoid unnecessary stress.

    The Day
    Sand is sticky, sunscreen feels gross, and lake water smells pretty rank. But don’t let these things ruin your day. The whole day is yours to enjoy: read a book, get some sunshine, play sand volleyball, go tubing, go for a boat ride, drink a nice cold beverage, catch up with friends, throw a frisbee or wade in the water.

    Just remember, nobody looks great rockin’ lake hair and greasy sunscreen. Forget about looking nice and just have a great time. But don’t forget to reapply sunscreen and drink plenty of water.