5 Weird July Holidays You Can Bet We’ll Be Celebrating

July is filled with some bizarre yet wonderful holidays. While we can’t guarantee the legitimacy of all of them, we can guarantee you that we’ll be celebrating them without reservation.

July 15
Today marks Tapioca Pudding Day and Cow Appreciation Day. While we don’t think they’re related in any way, they compliment each other quite nicely. But we’d recommend appreciating the cows after eating (as being around livestock can sometimes take your appetite away).

We’re not entirely sure how tapioca came to be paired with pudding (tapioca is some kind of starch extracted from manioc—a shrub native to South America), but we know it’s a delicious summer treat that makes for an odd yet delightful texture. If you haven’t tried it because you’re a purist who sticks to chocolate and vanilla only, we challenge you to venture out and give it a try.

As for appreciating the cows, we’ll let you come up with your own festivities. Might we suggest a tall glass of milk with your pudding? Or perhaps going meatless for the day? Or sticking to chicken and pork. Or embrace the deliciousness of beef with a nice, juicy steak off the grill. Even if you think kind thoughts toward the cows for the day, we’ll count it as celebrating.

July 21
National Ice Cream Day falling on the same day as National Junk Food Day is no coincidence. We’d suggest going all out and eating only ice cream and “junk” food all day—well, maybe not all day, but for as long as your stomach can hold out on candy, cookies, chips and ice cream. And maybe prepare in the days leading up by only eating fruits and vegetables. But once July 21 rolls around, consider this your freebie day. Eat all of the tasty stuff guilt free; it’s a holiday after all!

We have former President Ronald Reagan to thank for establishing July as National Ice Cream Month as well as National Ice Cream Day as the third Sunday in July—what a guy.

July 26
This holiday comes with a bit of ambiguity, so interpret it as you will. July 26th is All or Nothing Day. (No, we don’t really know what this day entails or what it’s celebrating—but it sounded cool so we’re in!) Basically, we plan on going for broke on this day. Take a risk, eat that extra sandwich, ask the cute girl out, book the vacation, say yes and bet on yourself. Obscure? Yes. Awesome? You bet.