It’s Not Called the “Okay Outdoors”

We don’t care who you are, there’s some form of outdoor entertainment you’d like. We know, there are bugs and other unpleasant accompanying parts to being outside, but the rewards in the end are worth it. So, take in a few of the options listed below and go enjoy the great outdoors:

Take a Walk
This option requires nothing except a pair of shoes (and even those are optional depending on your route of choice). Turn that T.V. off, jump off the couch and get to walkin’ at whatever speed you prefer. Go to a park, walk along the beach (geography permitting), grab a friend or go it alone—just go.

Play Frisbee
If you’re not as readily entertained, perhaps you need something to do! Grab a frisbee and a friend (furry or human) and head to any open space—it doesn’t have to be green, if you’re living in a city, even a large parking lot will do (just avoid parked cars).

Go Camping
This is an activity for the true nature lovers. Remember to pack food, water, blankets, insect repellent and perhaps some sort of bear repellent (sold at hardware stores). Plan ahead to avoid bad weather. Grab a group of friends and enjoy a crackling bonfire and a nice cold beverage. And don’t forget a tent.

Need to feel small and humbled? Go outside on a starry night and be amazed. There’s nothing like being a kid again and feeling speechless at the sheer size of the night sky. Get a blanket and a chair and sit back and enjoy the natural artwork. (Pro tip: check online to see if there are any upcoming meteor showers.)

Grab Your Bike
Get some childhood nostalgia going by dusting off your bike. Find a trail or bike path in your town (Google Maps offers a nice overview of available paths in your city) or take a little trip to a neighboring town and explore the best they have to offer. Make a day of it or take a twenty-minute work break.

Whatever your means, get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Being outside helps your immune system fight off illnesses (a common problem for people working in office buildings all day), soothes your nerves, and improves your blood pressure. As if you needed an excuse to take a break from work, even a 5 minutes walk will clear your mind and improve your clarity.