3 Weekend Outings to Get You Ready for Fall

Ah, September. Football, pumpkins, apple cider, and beautiful scenes of nature.

Although it’s just the beginning of fall (which technically doesn’t begin until September 22nd), we’d like to take this opportunity to get you fully equipped for the best autumnal season you’ve ever had. Starting with a few of our best date night ideas. And don’t worry; you can do any of these with a significant other or a group of your gal pals or the guys.

Nothing Says Fall Like Apples
Find a local orchard and strap on some tree-climbing boots (if there is such a thing). Even if it requires a Saturday day trip, we’re guessing you can find an orchard fit for your apple-picking greatness. And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can even invite your guests back to bake your freshly picked beauties into a delicious pie. Just don’t forget the vanilla ice cream.

Ready, Set, Hike
No, not outdoor hiking. We’re talking about the other kind that involves a lot of hearty food and loud cheering.

Throw a football viewing party with a group of friends or your significant other. Invite a manageable group and have them each bring a dish or drinks to share. This low key, non-stress get together isn’t too much work with everyone chipping in, and it’s a great way to enjoy the big game with good company. (And if you are hosting it with a new significant other, it’s a fun way to get to know each other’s friends in a laid back setting.)

Picture This Neat Way to Get Cultured
As the sweltering summer heat subdues, arts festivals abound. Find one in a city near you and get cultured with your companion. Whether you’re an art aficionado or might as well have majored in finger painting, there’s something for everyone at an art show—from people watching to tasty food stands and beautiful scenery.

Just be sure to get online and plan ahead, as these festivals are more rare than say, weekly football games.