Enjoy Fall the Foodie Way

Fall brings a whole host of new foods to feast on. And, as if you needed an excuse to eat like royalty, we’re challenging you to embrace eating seasonally (in other words, if it screams fall festivity, eat it).

Now, onto accomplishing our challenge. (You didn’t think we were going to pose it and then not help you achieve it, did you? We’re all playing on the same team here to achieve a unified goal of eating delicious fall food.)

Approach #1: Grab your chef hat and get ready to get to yell “BAM!” just like Emeril.
Start with something easy, like roasted pumpkin seeds—simply toss in raw seeds onto a baking pan, at a couple teaspoons of butter and a pinch of salt and enjoy after about 45 minutes on 300 degrees.

Then move onto the more challenging yet classic caramel apples. Melt caramel, dip, and then it’s time for the true artistry: try decorating them with something extra. M&Ms add a splash of color, or drizzle chocolate and slivered almonds for an elegant dinner party, try crushed pretzels, Heath bars, graham cracker crumbs, and anything else you can think of.

How about homemade apple cider? Are you up for the challenge? Check out an easy online recipe that you can make in a crockpot if you’re intimidated. Most recipes call for brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and apples.

Approach #2: Treat yourself and go out.
Restaurants love preparing seasonal foods. Look for establishments that utilize fresh, local products and enjoy with family and friends!

Grab a group and make it a challenge to find the best bowl of chili, apple dessert, or tastiest pumpkin spice cookies at local restaurants or bakeries. The competition can continue all through fall, but in this game everyone is a winner.

And don’t forget to embrace the most popular fall food theme: pumpkin. This trend can be found in everything from seasonal coffees to pancakes and cheesecakes. If you aren’t a pumpkin fan, opt for the oh-so-popular cinnamon options.