3 Life Skills You All Should Have

There are a few life skills that we’re shocked most people lack. Take a look at our checklist and see if you’ve mastered these basics that we’ve deemed non-negotiable:

1. Picking out Produce
Nothing’s worse than spending your hard earned money on subpar produce. So here’s the scoop on all things green (and red and yellow and so on). We’ll give you the how-tos for our favorites, but we challenge you to investigate further to prepare for your next grocery store endeavor.

Apples: look for deep colors and firmness, a natural shine, and heavy for their size

Grapefruits: they should feel firm but slightly springy to the touch, pay no mind to the color, and look for smooth, thin skins

Lemons and limes: put your schnoz up to the rind and give it a whiff—if it’s fragrant and heavy for its size you’ve got a winner

Watermelon: give it a tap and listen for a hollow sound, and look for a yellow spot on one side (where it should’ve sat on the ground to ripen)

Pineapples: sniff the stem end and expect a sweet smell, the leaves should look fresh and it should feel heavy for its size

Cantaloupes: these gems should be fragrant and cream or golden in color (not green)

2. Basic Cooking
Here’s our list of the most basic things you should master in the kitchen:

Scramble an egg
Cook pasta and rice
Grill a steak (vegetarians, ignore this)
Prepare mashed potatoes
Clean and boil a variety of vegetables
Roast a chicken (again, vegetarians, pay no mind)

After you master each of these, consider developing two signature dishes you can serve to guests at a moment’s notice. No matter your stage in life, learning these basics will take you far—and hey, you just might like cooking.

3. Bartending for a Small Group
Okay, so maybe this is a slightly negotiable skill (it definitely is). But you’d be surprised at how handy it is to know.

Start with a small collection of manageable drinks (ones which don’t require outrageous ingredients that are difficult to find).

Focus on drinks whose ingredients could be found in most personal wet bars. Some good drinks to start? Margarita, B-52, Bloody Mary, White Russian, Mojito, Gimlet, Long Island Iced Tea, Daiquiri, Irish Coffee, Cosmopolitan, Martini.

With a nice repertoire of popular mixed drinks (and the proper ingredients), you can always contribute these skills to a gathering. Practice at home with close friends who aren’t afraid to critique your creations to ensure that upon public debut, they’re delicious.