6 Things to Do Before 2014

The countdown to 2014 is on. Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you might find yourself going into the New Year feeling stressed and unprepared. By taking the time to do a few important and fulfilling things, you can kick off the year as a relaxed and confident person. Here are some things to cross off your list before the clock strikes midnight on the final day of 2013.

Clean out your closets.
If they’re a mess, your life can feel like one too. File away those documents that have been stacking up and sort through your clothes. Let’s be honest, are you ever going to wear that rainbow-striped sweater that you bought in 2008 again? If you haven’t worn something in the past year or if it no longer fits, get it out of your precious storage space. Pack your unwanted items and take them to a charitable organization that accepts clothing donations. Your closet will be organized and you’ll feel good knowing that your clothes are getting a second life.

Reconnect with a friend.
Maybe it’s someone you went to elementary school with, or perhaps it’s that person that you used to see at the gym. Call, email, Facebook message or, best of all, write them a kind note. It can seem difficult to find time to reach out to an old friend, but they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Set goals.
Everyone tries to come up with New Year’s resolutions, but they rarely stick. Instead, think about some longer-term goals that you’d like to achieve. Start looking at what you want to do within a 10-year time frame and work backwards. In order to make those things happen, what will you have to do in five years? What about one year? What can you do this week? By establishing the bigger picture and breaking it down, you’ll have a clear destination and outlined steps to get there.

Take an entire day off.
If your employer’s policies allow it, give yourself 24 hours to do something other than work. Go to a museum. Read that book you’ve been meaning to finish. Sit in your pajamas and watch Netflix if that’s what tickles your fancy. The important thing is that you have the opportunity to do something you’ve wanted to do for a while without interruption.

Write a thank you letter.
Take time to express your gratitude to someone who had an impact on your life in 2013. Whether they recommended you for the job you now love, helped you paint your living room, or bought you ice cream when you were having a rough day, they deserve to hear how much you appreciate them.

Try something new.
What’s a better way to end a year than by doing something that’s outside of your comfort zone? How far you take it is up to you. You can go skydiving or you can try out that new restaurant that you pass every day on your way to work. Either way, you’ll be glad that you pushed yourself and took a risk.