5 Ways to Have a Fun New Year’s Eve at Home

So it’s almost New Year’s Eve, and you still don’t have plans. Maybe you were so focused on getting through the holidays that you forgot to make reservations at that fancy restaurant or plan a big party with your friends. Or perhaps, popular introvert that you are, you politely declined invitations so that you could have a quiet night at home. No matter what the circumstances, you don’t have to sacrifice festivity just because you aren’t going out. Here are some fun ideas for celebrating the New Year at home:

1. Staying home doesn’t mean that the atmosphere has to be less than celebratory. All you need are some homemade decorations. Search the web for DIY garlands, confetti, and hats. When the clock strikes midnight, you’ll be ringing in the New Year in a charmingly decorated house.

2. Invite some friends over for a “Trends of 2013” party. Tell them to wear the best (or tackiest) trends of the year. Dress up like Grumpy Cat, print out popular memes to hang on the wall, and make a playlist with 2013’s most overplayed songs. It’s sure to be a fun, low-key and hilarious night.

3. Post a Facebook status to poll your friends about the movies they saw in 2013, and ask them to vote for the best and worst films of the year. Rent the movies with the most votes and enjoy a night filled with both cinema masterpieces and flops.

4. Make the evening meaningful by reflecting on the past year. Look through photographs, talk about cherished memories, and take pride in big (and small) accomplishments. It’s a great opportunity to express gratitude for the year’s amazing moments.

5. Make a bucket list for 2014. Instead of focusing on lifestyle-changing resolutions, think of fun, ridiculous and easy things you can do. Maybe you want to eat barbecue in 6 different states or fulfill your Katniss Everdeen-fueled dreams by taking an archery class. You’ll have fun coming up with ideas, and the list will get you excited for all that the new year holds.