How to Ditch Valentine’s Day for Pal-entine’s Day

Ah Valentine’s Day. The day of hearts, candy, flowers and sweet, sweet romance. While these things make some people swoon for February 14th, it leaves others sick to their stomach. Whether you’re single, hate cheesy holidays, or would simply rather spend Valentine’s Day with your friends, there are alternatives to the typical romantic festivities. Here are just a few ways you can turn Valentine’s Day into Pal-entine’s Day.

The Platonic Yet Themey Activity
So maybe you’re not totally against the whole pink teddy bears and hearts thing. If that’s the case, then you can skip the romance and keep the sweetness. Host a brunch or afternoon tea with your friends. Put on that frilly dress or pink and red striped tie and listen to Frank Sinatra croon while you munch on heart-shaped scones and drink out of rose-adorned tea cups.

The Pity Party
No really. Host an actual pity party. The dress code? Pajamas. The menu? Cartons of ice cream (at least one per person) and anything chocolate. The itinerary? Watching an excessive amount of rom-coms and sad romances. You and your friends can stuff your face with cookie dough ice cream while you watch Rose tragically let go of Jack’s hand for the 486th time.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day
So you REALLY hate Valentine’s Day. That’s cool. Use the occasion to get out some pent up anger. Buy a heart-shaped pinata and go crazy. Head to the paintball arena and reenact the mob battle that happened on Valentine’s Day in 1929. Host a party with black heart decorations and require everyone to dress in black. Instead of a rom-com, watch a dark comedy or horror movie. Or if you really rather just avoid the whole thing, you can always go bowling.

The Altruistic Event
Spread some love by rounding up friends and volunteering together. Go serve at a soup kitchen, package meals at a shelter, or (if you and your friends are crafty) have people over to sew quilts to give to a nonprofit that assists the homeless. You’ll feel good about turning your not-so-favorite holiday into an occasion to help others.