Celebrate Presidents Day with Some Strange and Funny Presidential Facts

Happy Presidents Day! Gear up for today by brushing up on some presidential trivia:

Abraham Lincoln could throw down in the wrestling ring. As a young man, he was only defeated once out of approximately 300 matches. He made it to the Wrestling Hall of Fame with the honor of "Outstanding American."

John Quincy Adams was a skinny dipper. He was known to swim in the Potomac River sans clothing.

James A. Garfield had some strangely awesome talents. Not only was he ambidextrous — he could write Latin with one hand and Greek with the other at the same time.

William H. Taft was, um, voluptuous. Weighing in at 325 pounds, “Big Bill” once got stuck in the White House bathtub and had to have his advisors pull him out.

Andrew Jackson was extremely lucky. In the first ever attempt to assassinate a president, Richard Lawrence tried to shoot Jackson. However, both of his guns misfired — an event that statisticians say could occur only once in 125,000 times.

Calvin Coolidge was a prankster. Sometimes he would press all of the buttons in the Oval Office and hide while his panicked staff ran in. He would then pop out and say that he was just seeing if everyone was working.

Jimmy Carter saw a UFO. He filed a report in 1973, calling it “the darndest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Andrew Johnson was handy with a needle and thread. In his youth, he apprenticed as a tailor. While he was president, he only wore suits that he had made himself.

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were vandals. They once traveled to Stratford-upon-Avon to visit Shakespeare’s birthplace. While there, they took a knife to one of Shakespeare’s chairs so they could take home some wood chips as souvenirs.

Ronald Reagan was a babe. The University of California bestowed him with the Most Nearly Perfect Male Figure Award in 1940.

Theodore Roosevelt was ridiculously tough. After being shot in an assassination attempt while delivering a speech in Milwaukee, he simply said, “I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot. I give you my word, I do not care a rap about being shot; not a rap.” He then went on to finish the 90-minute speech with the bullet still lodged in his chest.

Abraham Lincoln (he’s so interesting, we had to include him twice) knew his booze. He is the only U.S. president who was also a licensed bartender.

Harry S Truman had a weird middle name. The “S” doesn’t actually stand for anything.