Slam Dunk Ideas for a March Madness Party

March Madness is officially here, and things are starting to heat up. While some people are fine with watching the tournament at a restaurant or bar, nothing beats a good old-fashioned March Madness party with your friends. These tips will help you put together an event that will please both the die hard basketball fan and the person who just filled out “that bracket thingy” because someone in the office said to:

- Send out brackets as invitations. By having the guests fill out them out before they arrive at the party, they’ll be prepared for a bracket showdown.

- Have a Wall of Fame (or Shame). Once your guests arrive, hang up their brackets on the wall so that no one can hide when their team gets defeated.

- Create the ultimate watching space. Do you have super comfy couches and multiple TVs? If not, can you borrow or rent some? Your guests will be impressed by a well-thought out viewing area.

- Find an arcade basketball game (or create your own). Whether it’s a fancy Pop-a-Shot game or a bottomless trashcan hung up on the wall, your friends will have a blast playing a far less intense version of basketball.

- Make the drinks all about the rim. Who doesn’t love a punny beverage? Get experimental and put salt, sugar, chocolate syrup and other creative flavors on the rims of cocktails, milkshakes and more.

- Make fun brackets. These lighthearted brackets are incredibly entertaining:

  • Cutest uniforms. There’s always one person who fills out the bracket based on whose teams have the best uniforms (and usually they’re the ones you’re handing money to at the end of the night). See how your actual bracket compares to this fashion-focused one.
  • Mascots. Wildcat beats jayhawk, gator beats get the idea. Good luck trying to figure out where a Husker fits in.

- Have a designated item of clothing for the guest whose bracket is in the lead. A hat, a jersey or a velvet smoking jacket will make the honored guest easy to spot.