6 Ways to Make More Time to Read

There are few things as relaxing as reading a good book. But between work, family and an infinite number of other distractions (we’re looking at you, Netflix) it can seem impossible to find time in your day for reading. So instead our books remain unopened on the shelf and our Kindles collect dust on the nightstand.

But the good news is that with a few small changes, even the busiest people can start reading more. So whether your to-read list is filled with Russian novels or comic books, these tips will help you make more time to read them:

Start using the lulls in your day.
Think about all of the times that you half-heartedly check your inbox or absentmindedly scroll through Facebook in a 24 hour period. Or those 30 minutes in the morning when you lay in bed and stress over all of the things you need to get done. Those are prime times to get out a book instead.

Always have something with you.
You never know when an opportune reading moment might strike, so try to have a book with you at all times. You might not want to haul around a hardcover Tolstoy, but e-readers make it extremely easy to keep a whole library in your purse or briefcase.

Read multiple books at one time.
You’re probably not going to always feel like reading a complex and heart-wrenching nonfiction, and an easy, lighthearted novel might not always be satisfying. If you have a few different options, you’ll be more likely to read regardless of your mood.

Only read what you like.
It’s great to broaden your horizons, but if you force yourself to read a book that you’re really not that interested in, you’ll most likely never finish it. If you really hate certain genres, by all means avoid them. If everyone’s talking about a certain book that you don’t really want to read, Wikipedia will give you enough information to join the conversation. (Technically you did read about it, right?)

Embrace audiobooks.
Though not for everyone, audiobooks are uber convenient ways of fitting in more reading. Listen to them on your commute, your afternoon run, or even in the shower.

Know that it’s okay to be a quitter.
If you’re 100 pages into a book and you really don’t like it, chances are you’re probably going to hate the rest too. Don’t feel obligated to waste your precious reading time just so you can say you finished it.