Think Local For Outdoor Summer Fun

When it comes to summer months, vacations get all the hype. Windsurfing in California, hiking in Colorado, snorkeling in the Bahamas. But if the warmer weather has turned your thoughts to the great outdoors, you don’t have to leave your city for some summer fun. See if your community offers these awesome outdoor events:

Farmer’s Markets
Enjoy the sunshine by walking past booths filled with locally sourced items. You can stroll, socialize and avoid a trip to the grocery store.

Outdoor Concerts
Whether a big name show at an amphitheater or a weekly jazz concert in a park, there’s really nothing better than listening to great music on a beautiful night.

Attend the big annual festivals or check out the small ones celebrating specific heritages. They’re the perfect opportunity to be reminded of what’s great about your city.

County Fairs
Between all of the food served on sticks and the slightly sketchy-looking carnival rides, there’s no denying that county fairs are an essential element of summer.

Drive-in Movies
If you’re lucky enough to have a drive-in movie theater nearby, take advantage of the easily accessed nostalgia and catch a few new blockbusters or old classics.

Your Usual Favorites...Al Fresco
While all of these activities are sure to keep you busy, you don’t have to totally abandon your typical hangout spots. Head to your favorite restaurant that offers patio seating and enjoy people watching as you eat some of the best food your city has to offer.