Tour de Facts: A Fun Look at the World’s Most Famous Bicycle Race

Right now, cyclists are racing across France in an attempt to win the most famous bicycle race in the world. They’ve been pedaling since July 5th, and they still have two weeks to go. While the riders are burning an insane amount of calories (see below), sit back, relax and check out these these Tour de France fun facts:

- The Tour de France is the world’s largest annual sporting event.

- The cyclists will travel a total of 2,277 miles this year – 768 more miles than the first Tour de France course in 1903.

- The average Tour de France cyclist burns approximately 123,900 calories over the course of the 21-day race. This caloric expenditure would burn off 619 glazed Krispy Kreme donuts or 252 McDonald’s double cheeseburgers.

- This means that the cyclists will burn a combined 19,800,000 calories during the Tour de France.

- A worldwide audience of 3.5 billion people watch the race each year.

- The Tour de France was originally created as a promotion for the French newspaper L’Auto-Velo.

- Alcohol had to be banned from the race in 1960 because boozy riders started to become a problem.

- More than 600 journalists will cover the Tour de France.

- Over 20,000 security staffers are required to make sure everything runs smoothly.

- Oblivious fans taking selfies have been the cause of several cyclist crashes during the first few weeks of the race. This has resulted in some rather angry tweets from the fallen riders.