7 Tips for Making Your Flower Arrangements Last Longer

Whether a grand romantic gesture, a thoughtful birthday gift from a friend or a fun find at a farmer’s market, a bouquet of flowers can completely brighten your day. But without proper care, a bouquet can wither and die rather quickly. If you follow these steps, you can maintain the beauty of your flowers for a much longer time:

1. Find the right place. Though a bouquet always looks gorgeous on a windowsill, direct sunlight isn’t the best for preserving flowers. Instead, find a shadier area that’s away from any heating/cooling vents.

2. Use commercial floral preservative. As with most things, you can find countless tricks for making homemade floral preservative on Pinterest and other sites. But the truth is that nothing can beat the commercial preservative that comes in the little packets with most floral bouquets. The reason is that the commercial powder is specifically developed to balance the acidity of the water, provide energy to the flowers and prevent bacteria and fungi from polluting the water. So if you come across a “recipe” that calls for sugar and an old penny, know that it’s not going to preserve your flowers the way you want it to.

3. Change the water every few days. Even though floral preservative will help, the water in the vase will still need to be changed somewhat frequently. This gives the flowers a fresher source of hydration which in turn helps them live longer.

4. Cut the stems every day. If possible, you should take your flowers out of their vase once a day and cut off 1-1 ½ inches of their stems at an angle. By doing so, you’ll be giving the flowers a better way to take in water.

5. Store in a cool place overnight if possible. Heat and flowers do not go well together, so it’s a good idea to place your bouquet in a cooler place each night. A refrigerator is ideal, but even a cool corner of your basement will do wonders for the flowers’ longevity.

6. Make sure no foliage is below the waterline. If you can see leaves underwater, that’s not good. They can create more bacteria that kills off the flowers quickly. Make sure you cut off any foliage that is in danger of being submerged.

7. Remove wilted flowers ASAP. Flowers are easily influenced by their flower friends, so once a few start to die, they all will. If you remove the dry and droopy flowers right away, the healthy ones won’t follow the same path so soon.