April Fools' Day Through the Years

It’s the time of year where everybody should be a little bit more on guard. There’s nothing worse than forgetting this day of the year and getting tricked into believing a falsity or being on the receiving end of a prank. April Fools’ Day is a time where everybody should beware.

Let’s discover the history of April Fools’ Day by exploring the past and looking to the future.

Where it Started
Although there’s debate on why April Fools’ Day actually started, there are some theories. says that some historians believe April Fools’ Day dates all the way back to 1582. France switched over to the Gregorian calendar. And let’s be real, news didn’t travel so fast in those days. The people who were slow to realize that the new year now fell on January 1st continued to celebrate it the last week of March up until April 1st—thus identifying those people as the fools of the joke.

Others have identified April Fools’ Day as evolving from the first day of spring when Mother Nature plays tricks with the weather. No matter what the real history of the day is, it has now become a holiday celebrated around the world with jokes and pranks galore.

Modern Day April Fools’
It’s not just elementary school kids or the young at heart who get in on the April Fools’ Day action. According to, here are some modern day April Fools’ pranks that have happened in the last century:
The BBC aired a story on farmers harvesting a record spaghetti crop in 1957 and people believed them.
Sports Illustrated ran a story on a fictitious pitcher in 1985 that could throw a fastball of 168 miles per hour.
Taco Bell told customers they had purchased the Philadelphia Liberty Bell and wanted to rename it the Taco Liberty Bell.

This Year’s Switch-Up
Tell your family or friends that you’re going somewhere that’s no fun. Maybe that means you tell them you’re going to get groceries or to run errands. Then, surprise them by taking them to your favorite restaurant instead. Who knows, they might just treat you because they’ll be so excited that you’re doing something fun instead.

Happy April Fools’ week, and may you remember to be on your guard.