Springtime Weather Invites Local Markets

Ah, it’s the time of year when birds are chirping and it seems like nicer weather might truly be here to stay. Break out those sandals and shorts, because springtime has truly sprung.

With the nicer weather comes lively events happening outside in your hometown, including one that involves food (which we obviously love). Farmer’s Markets are coming back to a city near you. Check out these reasons to hit up the Farmer’s Market in your town.

Enjoy the Fresh Air
The Farmer’s Markets are only put on when the weather is nice because it usually involves shutting down an area of street outdoors. Take full advantage of being outside and leisurely walking through the entire market. At the Market, you’ll find all different types of people from different walks of life, a variety of sounds and smells and so much more than what meets the eye.

The world is waiting… go out there and explore!

Free Samples, Anyone?
Ok seriously, who doesn’t love a free sample? I’m talking about fresh foods you’ve maybe never even heard of that are mostly yours for the sampling. Sure, it’ll probably get you to buy some things, because who could resist?!

Bonding Time with Those You Love
Even if you don’t have an intent to buy anything at a Farmer’s Market, there is so much to take in and it’s a great place to spend time with the people you love. Create a fun tradition with your friends or family to walk through every Saturday morning, or whenever your local Market is held. Whatever you do, do it with the ones you love.

More Than Meets the Eye
Sure, there’s tons of food at the Farmer’s Market; but there’s also so much more. People bring in crafts that they’ve handmade that make great gifts. There is usually some live music or street performers who come along to provide entertainment. While it’s mainly about the produce and other types of food, it’s not all about the food. See what the Market fully has to offer.

Bonus—Think Local
Last week, we talked about helping out local small businesses. This is a great way to do that. Plus, many local restaurants either post up at the farmer's market to sell things or they buy ingredients there to serve you when you come in later. It’s a win-win for all!