Celebrate National Burger Day

There’s something delicious about hearty hamburger sandwiched between two buns with condiments galore on the side. Some would say the hamburger is so special, it deserves its own day. Ask and ye shall receive—National Burger Day is this Saturday, May 28th. Check out the history of hamburgers and ways you can celebrate.

If you’re a vegetarian, go ahead and substitute a veggie burger for any of these suggestions. Or, if you’d like to use lean meat, try a turkey burger!

The History of the Burger
Who do we have to thank for this magnificent creation? None other than our German friends. According to, the hamburger originated all the way back in the 12th century in Hamburg, Germany. The burger has come a long way since then. The burger we know and love today skyrocketed to stardom with fast food chains such as McDonald’s and In-N-Out Burger, founded in 1948.

New Ways to Enjoy Burgers
Don’t be afraid of the unexpected. After all, it took a great inventor to come up with the hamburger. Use this holiday to become an inventor of your own. Have you ever had a burger with mac and cheese on top? What about bacon and peanut butter?

We challenge you this National Burger Day to be an inventor yourself. Host a competition with your friends to come up with the most creative and tasty new burger. You could have different awards such as:

  • Best Presentation
  • Tastiest Burger
  • Most Unique Idea
  • Grillmaster Extraordinaire

These are just a few ideas. Have some fun with the contest and get your friends and family involved. Who knows—it could become your family’s favorite annual event.

Grill It Up or Carry It Out
There are many different ways to make burgers. You can grill them up on a charcoal or gas grill, you could bake them inside, or our personal favorite, carry out. There’s nothing wrong with ordering up your favorite burger from the professionals. Hang up that apron and put down those tongs; somebody would love to grill up a burger for you.