Unique Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day originated as a day where people across the country pay tribute to fallen veterans and to honor living veterans. The day still consists of those time-honored traditions, such as laying flowers on graves of the fallen. While Memorial Day will always be a remembrance day for the fallen, it has also grown to include many more activities. Check out these unique ways to celebrate Memorial Day.

Thank a Veteran
Memorial Day is all about paying tribute to those who have served both past and present. While Memorial Day is largely for remembering those we’ve lost, it’s also the perfect time to remember and thank those who are living and have served for your country.

There are tons of nonprofit organizations that help veterans. Get a group of friends together to make cards to give to an organization to distribute to Veterans. You don’t have to know specific names—they’ll appreciate the thought. Or, you could visit an organization during Memorial week to thank them in person. They’ll love the thoughtfulness behind your gesture.

Seek Out a Parade
Another way to honor both past and present soldiers is through parades. Jump in the car and travel near or far; make a day out of it. Memorial Day is famous for its parades and festivities. Simply search online to find one close (or far, if you’re up for it) to your hometown.

If you’re feeling adventurous, find out how you could be a part of a parade. Often parades need helpers or even people to walk the parade route. You could have your very own float if you seek it out soon enough and can come up with a theme.

Welcome Summer (Unofficially)
Summer doesn’t officially start until June, but Memorial Day has been deemed the unofficial start to summer. There are various ways you can celebrate. Host a barbecue, play games outside in the fresh air or head to the lake. The world is yours for the taking!

One of our favorite ways to celebrate summer (obviously) are the seasonal foods. Fire up the grill, mix up a batch of sweet lemonade or visit your favorite restaurant for some seasonal summer favorites. Corn on the cob is a personal favorite, but there are many more to choose from. Like we talked about in the past, hit up a farmers market or seek out homegrown favorites for the summer months.