6 Ways to Promote Community Artists

Art encompasses a variety of different avenues—from painting, to sculpture to music. Community artists especially bring a certain joy and beauty into their surrounding neighborhoods. Even if you don’t consider yourself artistic, you can still be involved in the local art scene. Here are six easy ways to get involved and promote community artists around you.

1. Hire Them
If you are hosting an event or fundraiser, see if there are any local artists or musicians able to participate. A strong movement of arts and culture is vital to a community’s economic growth, and by hiring local artists you are helping to stimulate this specific locale.

2. Buy from Them
If you’ve heard the expression “starving artists” then you know that this is unfortunately a sad reality for many artists in their communities. You can help by buying local art and music from those in your neighborhood, and meeting their needs both fiscally and physically.

3. Understand Their Emotional Needs
Emotional needs can be equally important to physical. Artists need emotional support from those in their community to truly thrive and express their creativity to its fullest potential. Do this through encouraging words and positive reinforcement when interacting.

4. Go to Exhibits
This is a fun, easy way to promote community artists! By going to exhibits, showcases and performances, you may not only be helping artists generate revenue, but you are also getting the word out about their talents and drawing more followers to experience their work.

5. Take Lessons
One amusing way to support local artists and musicians is by taking lessons. No matter how old you get, there is always room to learn a new hobby. Art or music lessons are a great way to have fun, relieve stress and help those in your community.

6. Volunteer
Get involved in local art and music gatherings by volunteering to help run events as an usher or docent. This could mean anything from preparing programs, to escorting audience members or teaching visitors about the display art.

No matter how you decide to get involved, promoting community artists is an invaluable way to support those in your neighborhood. Whether it’s by picking up a paintbrush or composing the next musical masterpiece, artists bring a euphoria with them wherever they go, and promoting that can never go wrong.