8 Fun Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July! Today we honor our nation’s founding, culture and freedom, alongside the millions of servicemen and women who have given themselves to protect that freedom.

Independence Day is filled with fireworks, grill outs and family time, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative in your Fourth of July activities. While you’re out commemorating the great United States, why not try some of these 8 fun ways to celebrate?

1. Create an American music playlist.
Everybody loves music, and nothing gets a person ready to celebrate our nation’s founding quite like American classics. Create a music playlist jampacked with patriotic songs, and listen to it throughout the day as you move about. Not only will it be entertaining background noise, but it will help make lasting Fourth of July memories for you and your family.

2. Make patriotic crafts.
If you have children, making crafts with them can be a fun way to keep them occupied, celebrate Independence Day, and teach them the holiday’s meaning. Look up creative crafts online and find simple, red-white-and-blue ideas. Your family has a unique time celebrating the Fourth of July, and your kids have something to hold onto for the rest of the year.

3. Host a Fourth of July block party.
This is a classic Independence Day tradition, and for a good reason: it’s fun! Hosting a block party with your friends, family and neighbors brings the community together to honor the U.S. founding. Grill out, invite others to bring food and light off fireworks. You can even switch things up a bit and ask people to share something they’re thankful for from our country.

4. Watch/participate in a parade.
Parades are everywhere during the Fourth of July season, and they’re a great way for your family to get involved and celebrate. Look up local parades in your area to go watch, or take it a step further and see if any are asking for volunteers or participants. Your community has an awesome time and your family will enjoy being involved.

5. Go to community events.
Independence Day is an excellent chance to be a part of events going on in your local community. Many neighborhoods have art shows, free concerts, fairs, open marketplaces… the list goes on. Spice things up for your Fourth of July celebration and find out if there are any new events in your area to enjoy honoring the United States.

6. Check out local restaurants.
Many restaurants, cafes and bars offer special deals to celebrate Independence Day. You can support your local economy and have an awesome time this Fourth of July by checking out eateries within your area. You get delicious food and drink for a reasonable price, the restaurant makes money, and everyone commemorates the holiday. Everybody wins!

7. Learn about U.S. history.
What better way to honor our nation than to learn about the history that’s gotten us this far? To celebrate this Independence Day, take some time and do a quick history lesson on the U.S. Look at how the Declaration of Independence came about, what our founding fathers’ biggest accomplishments were and how the United States came to be what it is today.

8. Visit a local veterans’ home.
Finally, the greatest way to respect our nation’s freedom is to pay respect to those who have fought for it. Take time this holiday to visit a local veterans’ home, meet with wounded servicemen and women or help out a military family. You can give to those who gave everything for us, while being truly impacted yourself.

This Independence Day, honor our nation’s founding with your closest friends and family. Get creative in your celebration and step out of the box by trying some of these unique ideas. Have a wonderful holiday, and go red, white and blue!