Celebrating National Romance Awareness Month

August is National Romance Awareness Month! In case you and your honey needed another reason to celebrate your love for one another, now is the chance to shout it from the rooftops.

Romantic relationships are special and should be treated with care. Significant others have a bond unlike any other—one which brings them together through thick and thin. If you’re looking for new and creative ways to celebrate your love for your partner, look no further. In celebration of Romance Awareness Month, here are some innovative date ideas for you to enjoy.

Take a dance class.
Tap out of your comfort zone and try taking a couple’s dance class with your significant other. Whether it’s salsa, jazz or swing dancing, the two of you will get to spend time together and have a blast learning something new.

Go stargazing.
Pack up the old truck with blankets and pillows and head out to the nearest countryside field for stargazing with your better half. It’s an easy and cheap date idea for those nights where you don’t really want to stay in, but don’t want to go out either.

Work out together.
Get in shape with your honey boo by working out or training for an event together. This is a fun way to practice exercising, stay accountable and enjoy each other’s company while you’re at it.

Taste a cooking class.
Right up there with the dance class is a cooking class. Not only do the two of you get to spend time together, but you get to eat food. How much better can it get?

Try putt-putting.
A classic option, miniature golf is a cheap date idea that can lead to a great time. Make a competition out of it or play just for fun, but spending time together in a relaxed environment leads to a happy, silly and romantic date option.

Dive into an adventure.
Get in the car and go for a drive, then see where the road takes the two of you. Maybe you’ll find a secret hideaway, an antique store or a new favorite restaurant. No matter what, it’ll be a fun and affectionate date your partner shan’t soon forget.

Create a picnic.
Who doesn’t love food and the outdoors? Pack a lunch for you and your significant other, then find the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic together. It’s a yummy way to enjoy a classically romantic daytime date.

Eat something delicious.
Finally, go with your sweetheart and find local community cafes or restaurants the two of you can enjoy together. Enjoy a romantic and delicious meal together while supporting local businesses in the community.

National Romance Awareness Month only comes once a year, so make sure you and your honey celebrate by trying out some of these fun date ideas. Spend time commemorating your blooming romance and the two of you will fall even more in love.