How to Celebrate Going Back to School

Well, it’s official. Summer has come to a close and school has arrived. If you have kids, you know going back to school can be less than exciting. They’re used to running through sprinklers and eating popsicles, but now they have to return to desks and math problems.

But, fear not! You can make your kids’ back to school time more enjoyable by having fun. Get started by checking out these ideas on how to celebrate your kids going back to school.

1. Make breakfast.
Your kids can have a special first day of school by eating a delicious breakfast made especially for them. Try making pancakes in the shape of the grade they’re going into, a healthy treat with the number of candles for their grade or an encouraging message. When your children start the day off on a good note, it’s only going to get better.

2. Have a photo shoot.
Many people take pictures for the first day of school, but you can spice things up by having an entire photo shoot. Use a bed sheet and some empty space to set up an area for pictures. Have your kids hold handwritten signs saying their age, grade and things they’re excited for during the school year. Make the pictures fun and silly to get your kids eager for school!

3. Host a party.
Get the neighborhood involved and try hosting a back-to-school party for your children and their friends. Kids and their parents can come and celebrate the last days of summer by relaxing in the warm weather. You can even offer fun games centered around going back to school, such as pin the tail on the teacher or a spelling bee.

4. Get crafty.
If you have some extra time and eager kids, get them engaged by working on back-to-school crafts. Search for ideas online and involve your children every step of the way by taking them with to get the necessary supplies. Later, kids can keep the crafts they made as a reminder for the school year, or bring them on the first day as a present for their teachers.

5. Send goodie bags.
Nothing gets kids excited for school quite like the possibility of giving things out. Check with the teacher beforehand and see about sending little goodie bags for your child to hand out to fellow classmates. It can be as simple as a colorful eraser, or as much as a small bag of candy, but make sure it’s approved by the teacher in advance.

6. Pack a lunch treat.
Everybody can use a little encouragement throughout the day. Give your children the boost they need by sending a surprise in their lunchboxes. Write out a note for them to keep, a small sweet treat, or go an extra step by even wrapping a tiny present. You can be confident that your kids will have a good first day from morning ‘til afternoon.

7. Celebrate afterwards.
When the first day of school is over, celebrate with your family by going out to dinner or for a treat that evening. Have your children share their favorite part of the day, something new they learned and their goals for the school year. Your kids have fun celebrating and you get to support local restaurants.

When it comes to going back to school, make the time even more special for your children. Get them excited and celebrating the return of the season by trying out some of these simple ideas. Have any ideas of your own? Try them out and get a jump start on the school year!