6 Activities You Can Do to Feel Like a Kid Again

There’s a lot of great things that come with adulthood: making your own decisions, staying up whenever you want, having your own money… the list goes on. Still, there are some not-so-great things that come with being an adult: paying bills, having to go to work, not having someone to take care of you when you’re sick, etc.

The truth is sometimes we all need to feel like a kid again. If you’re tired of adulthood and want to rewind the clock, check out these six activities to relive those childhood memories.

1. Have a sleepover.
Nothing’s better than a good old fashioned sleepover, especially since now you can have it with wine. So send the kids to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for a weekend and invite a friend or two over for a sleepover. Stay up late, watch scary movies and eat an exuberant amount of food. Just like the good ol’ days!

2. Break into song.
Remember when you were little and would sing whenever, wherever? Then adulthood hit and you realized that wasn’t “appropriate.” Take a step back again and try it out. Sing along to the radio, your favorite song or even make it up as you go whenever you feel it. The shower is great for acapella moments, but your talent is good enough to share with the whole world. Work it!

3. Play in puddles.
Kids love to play, regardless of weather conditions. But adults… sometimes we’re a little iffy. Throw that out the window and go enjoy yourself in the great out of doors. Splash in mud puddles, roll down grassy hills, run through the rain and get sweaty and dirty as you’re doing all of it. You can even involve your kiddos in this one. If they see you outside having a blast, they’ll be sure to join. Besides, dirty clothes are what washing machines are made for.

4. Go on a bike ride.
Do you recall the last time you went on a bike ride just for the fun of it? Chances are it was awhile ago. Embrace Mother Nature, feel the wind on your face and go exploring all from the comfort of your bicycle seat. Take your significant other or your children with you for a fun and physical outing. If you really want to get imaginative, pack a picnic lunch for you and your family or friends and go for a classic picnic-in-the-park bike ride.

5. Color outside the lines.
There are few things more fun, satisfying and relaxing than spending some time to color a coloring book. Nowadays, there are countless adult coloring books available, but don’t be afraid to buy a good ol’ fashioned children’s coloring book as well. Whether it’s with crayons, colored pencils, markers or even on a touchscreen tablet, coloring helps you relive your childhood while also embracing your adulthood. Except now you’re better at staying inside the lines!

6. Dance like nobody’s watching.
Kids have no shame when it comes to dancing, and neither should you. Take back your childhood by dancing like nobody’s watching. Whether it’s in the shower, at home in the kitchen or out at the grocery store when you hear your jam come on, get down with your bad self. Not only will you have more fun, but you undoubtedly will bring joy to someone else’s day as well.

Adulthood is great, but sometimes we just need to relive our childhood. Take time to feel that old uninhibited joy and imagination by trying out these activities. You’ll have more fun and your kids will too when you feel like a kid again. Then enjoy some perks of adulthood again and go out for coffee or wine at your favorite cafe or restaurant, because life is all about balance.