What Your Favorite Food Says About Your Personality

Eating—everybody’s doing it. Food crosses all cultural, linguistic and geographical boundaries. It can make us happy, make us sad or make us really really hangry. (If you haven’t experienced hanger before, look it up. Hunger and anger combine into a lethal combination.)

Food brings people together in ways nothing else can. But… it can also tell us a lot about our differences. We all have our own food preferences, but what does your favorite food say about your personality? Today, we’re going to find out.

Wow, you’re just the life of the party aren’t you? The only thing pizza lovers love more than pizza, is eating pizza with their best friends. Of course, you’ll eat the majority of the box but that’s okay because your friends love you anyways.

Hamburger & Fries
You are an American through and through. To you, nothing tastes better than a little slice of heaven grilled to perfection and served with a dollop of ketchup. You’re pretty chill to hang out with and don’t make too many waves, which is why people love you.

Wow! How can you even find time to read this between all the adventuring you’re doing? Spicy food lovers tend to be thrill-seekers looking for the next big thing. So if you find yourself eating a jar of jalepeños for a light snack, you may be in this lineup.

Sugary Sweet
If you love sweet foods, chances are your tastebuds and your personality go hand in hand. You’re as sweet as they come, and most people can find you helping others, sharing or volunteering in the community. You’re highly agreeable and your friends love you for it.

If The Notebook happens to be your favorite movie, you may also be a chocolate lover. You’re a romantic at heart, which means you give in to temptation easily, but go all out in all of your endeavors. You trust your heart, and never pass up a chance for a good romance story.

If you always seem to have potato chips and french fries in hand, then salty may be your flavor of choice. You’re fast-paced and crave instant-gratification, which makes you great at competition and getting the job done. People always know they can come to you with any task!

Macaroni & Cheese
Just like macaroni and cheese, you’re a classic great time. You love the feeling of home and comfort, and remind other people of the same. You don’t need to get crazy to know what matters most, and that’s the ones you love.

You’ve been around, that’s for sure. You’re well-traveled, well-taught and well-versed. Sometimes you can come across a little strong (you have a lot of opinions), but everyone loves you when they get to know your truly cool self.

Didn’t see your favorite food on the list? Check out your local restaurant or café to find your favorite food and see how it highlights your personality.

While we may be divided at times, food brings us all together again. Your favorite food can say a lot, but you can say even more by enjoying it with others.